This site is dedicated to the Memorial Conference of Karl Marx, german philosopher and social revolutioner.

The conference was in March 2004, held by College for Social Theory (in Hungarian: Társadalomelméleti Kollégium - TEK). We invited Frances Wheen, a biographer of Marx, to introduce his book recently published in Hungarian. We had also discussions about the economic future of the capitalist world system, the main tendencies of exploitation and alienation, and the present state of the working class – especially in Hungary. Our controversialists – they all are professors of Corvinus University and Eötvös Loránd University – were disputed the possibility of a critical approach on society and economy.

There were also two related lectures: Viktor Kiss (a Hungarian political writer) presented his new anti-fascist doctrine and Endre Kiss (a Hungarian philosopher) had lectured on stages of Marx's intellectual development.

In the students' workshops we discussed the german positivism-debate and then the distinction between Marx and Haraway on human being.

After all we had a maroon in October with some teachers of BUTE.